Anti Ageing Treatment

Embrace the elegance of graceful ageing. Understanding the effects of ageing on the skin is essential for preserving its health and vitality, from the earliest indications of fine lines to the knowledge gained through experience.

Your lifestyle, diet, genetics, and personal rituals, such as your skin care regimen, all have an impact on how quickly your skin ages.

Understanding the Ageing Process: Why It Happens

The skin ages as a result of several internal and external reasons instead of a single cause. Understanding these factors will make it easier to develop a comprehensive strategy for delaying the ageing process of the skin.

Internal Factors

There are several unavoidable factors that contribute to ageing facial skin. Our biological age affects how well cells operate and how the skin changes structurally. With every year that goes by, these slow down.

Some of the internal factors of skin ageing include the following:

  • Poor Blood Circulation : The transport of nutrients and oxygen to the skin's surface is impacted by a weaker blood supply to the skin.
  • Genetics : A significant factor in how the skin matures is genetics. The ethnicity and type of skin we are born with have an impact on how rapidly the visible indications of ageing develop on the skin's surface.

External Factors

Oxidative stress is the common cause of all external causes that affect how fast the skin ages. This results in the body releasing molecules known as free radicals or reactive oxygen species. A free radical is an incredibly volatile atom or compound made up of one unpaired electron in the outer shell. All cell structures, including lipids and proteins, are highly susceptible to harm from the majority.

Normally, the skin's antioxidants-molecules having the capacity to absorb and halt free radicals-catch and neutralise them. But the skin's capacity to neutralise free radicals weakens over time. As a result, every component of the skin cell suffers adverse effects.

The following are some of the external factors that cause skin ageing:

  • Sun: The leading external cause of skin ageing through oxidative stress is sun exposure. Photoaging, which also causes uneven pigmentation, is the term used to describe damage to the skin brought on by both repeated and daily exposure to UV rays.
  • Pollutants : The release of skin-damaging free radicals can be caused by exposing the skin to pollution, which is particularly common in cities. Additionally, pollution accelerates oxidative stress, worsening the consequences of sun exposure.
  • Smoking: An increase in free radicals in the skin is caused by the chemicals and nicotine in cigarettes. Similar to pollution, they exacerbate the negative effects of sun exposure, causing oxidative stress.

TCM in Anti-Aging: How It Helps

Chinese medical theory believes that the kidneys have a close connection to ageing and vitality. The kidneys play an important role in our reproductive and sexual health as well as the preservation and upkeep of the vital qi that we acquired from our parents. They also have a direct correlation to bone and tooth stability and strength, as well as mental cognition, memory, and clarity of thought.

The bodily fluids are referred to as kidney yin. Hot flashes and other ageing symptoms, such as dry skin and a softening of the muscles, are brought on by a shortage of fluids because the body produces heat.

Fortunately, TCM skin tightening treatment offers a holistic viewpoint on ageing, treating not only the physical but also the mental and energetic aspects of well-being. TCM strives to restore the body's natural equilibrium, which ageing can affect, by encouraging the free flow of vital energy (Qi) and harmonising the opposing forces of Yin and Yang.

An anti-ageing treatment that incorporates TCM offers a balanced and all-encompassing strategy that not only tackles external indicators of ageing but also nurtures the body from the inside out.

The Dr Jenny Approach to Effective Anti Aging Strategies

Doux Visage's specialised skin rejuvenation procedures address the underlying causes of ageing skin, fine lines and wrinkles using TCM acupuncture and modern Western technologies, including:

  • Tripolar
  • High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HiFU)
  • Soft Laser
  • Dermalinfusion SilkPeel

Success Stories ( Before & After )

Alt: Specialized Face Toning Treatment (Madam Cheong Pik Noi)
Specialized Face Toning Treatment (Madam Cheong Pik Noi)

Alt: Hydro Microdermabrasion (Madam Tan)
Hydro Microdermabrasion (Madam Tan)

Meet Dr Jenny

Dr Jenny Goh is the founder and lead physician of Doux Visage. She is one of the most well-known figures in the beauty industry and has more than two decades of clinical expertise.

Additionally, she holds a master's degree in acupuncture. Dr Goh is also the first woman in Malaysia to acquire a dual PhD in Traditional Chinese Medicine with specialisations in acupuncture and Oriental medicine.

She is currently recognised as a specialist in TCM, acupuncture, Oriental medicine, tuina treatment, as well as a Western approach to skincare.

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