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Doux Visage® is highly acclaimed in the health and beauty industry. These are the awards Doux Visage® has received up to date.

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CHT Pursuit of Excellence Traditional Chinese Medicine & Medical Aesthetic Award 2020

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The Star Outstanding Business Award (SOBA) for Meritorious Achievement Female Entrepreneur of the year (2019)

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Experience the Health & Skin Treatments of Doux Visage®

“Total body wellness through the merging of TCM with Western technologies”

Founded in 2002, Doux Visage® is the first Health and Skin Management centre in Malaysia to provide customised holistic treatments using a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western practices.

The unique therapeutic approach to achieving Health and Skin Management through rejuvenation is the result of founder Dr Jenny Goh’s decade-long study into how TCM principles – built on 5,000 years of practices and experiences – complement and support Western practices.

After diagnosis, patients will receive a personalised treatment plan according to their individual needs. They are then treated by a team of highly skilled and certified acupuncturists, tuina practitioners and aestheticians.

Contact us now to experience the benefits of this unique approach yourself!

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Our Health and Organic Skin Treatments Malaysia

Doux Visage offers a wide range of Health and Skin management services customized for you. We believe that improving your internal health leads to good health which will also then seen in beautiful, smooth and glowing skin.

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Skin Management
Best Natural Skin Care Treatment For Acne Skin Malaysia

Are you someone who is struggling with acne-prone skin? Skin conditions such as acne breakouts can affect a person significantly in terms of self-esteem or self-consciousness, but searching for effective treatments can also be frustrating.    Many experts agree that there is no way to prevent acne, brought on by erratic hormone levels and other genetic effects. However, when combined with the right acne treatments, good hygiene practices and a healthy diet, the possibility of breakouts can be reduced remarkably.    So, let's dive deeper into the steps and treatments you should be looking out for to improve your acne-prone skin.    What's The Best Skin Care Routine? According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acne occurs from an imbalance of heat or dampness. This is due to heat accumulation in the lung and stomach meridians, which are energy lines that run throughout the body and rise to the face. Therefore, the heat manifests as inflammation, such as redness and blemishes.   Additionally, dairy, fatty, chilly, and processed foods contribute to dampness or heat. According to experts, this causes oily skin.    Other variables leading to severe acne include phlegm and qi deficit (poor energy). The ideal herbal acne treatment includes topical treatments, herbal teas, dietary supplements, and a healthy lifestyle.   Here are some skin care methods you can include in your daily routine if you struggle with acne-prone skin.    Diet Traditional Chinese and Western medicine agree that food significantly influences whether acne symptoms worsen or improve for practically all types of acne. Here are some dietary recommendations from TCM for treating acne.   - Eat mung beans: These beans are packed with protein and antioxidants and have vitamins that may minimise hormone irregularities. - Avoid greasy and spicy foods: These foods are thought to play a role in the body's accumulation of heat or moisture.   Topical Remedies Depending on the underlying cause of acne, TCM offers a variety of topical treatments. According to TCM, these are the best skincare herbs and topical acne treatments.   - Pearl cream: It is believed that using this topical cream would help clear skin bumps caused by acne and allow the blood to remove toxins. - Liquorice root: According to TCM, this herb effectively removes heat and toxins, which is one of the causes of acne breakouts, from the body. In addition to being brewed as a tea, it can be used directly on regions prone to acne. - Raw honey: In TCM, honey is frequently advised to be consumed with water, but it can also be applied topically. Combining raw honey with herbs to apply to the skin is an excellent option because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics.   Acupuncture Acne treatment with acupuncture involves inserting small needles into pressure points on the body. This procedure is thought to increase blood and energy flow, eliminate pollutants, and promote skin health. In TCM, acupuncture is frequently recommended to clear heat, drain moisture, and restore yin.    Benefits of Natural Skin Care Treatment for Acne Skin TCM organic skincare in Malaysia uses a safe and holistic approach to treating the issue and improving overall health. Typically, acupuncture and herbal remedies for internal and external use will be prescribed to revive and improve skin condition by re-establishing the body's natural equilibrium.   Here are some benefits of natural skin care treatment for acne skin.   Redness and swelling are reduced By releasing Qi energy blockages through acupuncture, different acupoints on the body and face assist in restoring the body's imbalances.   Sebum production is reduced Through TCM treatments, dampness accumulated in the body due to bad eating habits and lifestyle choices is removed.   Overall wellbeing is achieved by restoring balance to the various internal organs Various herbs in TCM skin care treatment restore the physiological function of many internal organs and pathways.   Addresses the root cause of the issue TCM uses natural medicine to treat the problem by addressing its underlying causes and primary factors.   Holistic approach The herbs used in TCM skin treatment are organic and typically free of negative side effects or chemicals.   Natural Skin Care Treatment The customised skin management procedures offered by Doux Visage address the underlying causes of acne, such as hormonal acne and teen acne. We combine Soft Laser (Healing laser), increased extraction technology, and acupuncture treatment to efficiently treat acne skin without leaving scars or post-blemishes.   Rejuvenate Your Skin Today With TCM Treatment in Malaysia! Doux Visage is the first leading TCM treatment centre in Malaysia to combine the power of Chinese Medicine with the goodness of Western beauty ingredients, Dr. Jenny Goh (PhD)'s speciality in treating skin conditions is second to none! Call us at +603 7728 6113, +6012 622 4868 or contact us.

27 Oct 2022

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Traditional Chinese Medicine
TCM Facials That Can Improve Your Skin's Health And Beauty

The foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) is the principle that every organ in the body is interconnected. The body is healthy when all of these organs are in harmony. This is the philosophy of Chi.   Chi must move freely throughout the body for one to be in good health. Your Chi must balance the yin (cooling) and yang (heating) elements. If something disrupts this balance, you may become tired or ill. Aside from that, you might start to have skin problems.   TCM's underlying belief is the stimulation of the body's natural healing processes through the use of natural remedies and dietary adjustments. Let's closely examine some natural remedies to improve your skin's health and beauty.    What Triggers Skin Problems? Some common factors that trigger bad skin include:   Poor Metabolism Poor metabolism can be caused by the poor circulation of qi or blood—acne results from toxins released through your skin when your body cannot efficiently eliminate waste.   Excess Heat Skin issues may also indicate inflammation caused by too much body heat. As the lungs are essential for supplying the skin with blood and qi, excessive heat in the lungs is frequently at fault.   When too much heat is in the blood, symptoms of inflammation like rashes or heat sensations can be seen on the body.   Damp Heat This happens when moisture builds up inside the body and interacts with heat to cause symptoms, including greasy skin, eczema, and acne. Chronic acne frequently develops as a result of damp heat. Individuals who have damp heat will have an intolerance to heat and will always be thirsty but do not have the desire to drink.    Tips To Improve Your Skin's Health And Beauty The TCM of skincare incorporates a variety of methods, including acupuncture, nutrition treatment, and herbal remedies to rejuvenate the skin. So, whether you're looking to treat acne holistically with TCM or want to get rid of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, here are a few traditional Chinese facial tips for glowing skin.    Use a Jade Roller In the same way that dry brushing your body functions by stimulating your circulation and promoting detoxification, using a jade roller or stone on your face is also thought to have these benefits.    Using a jade roller for acupressure is primarily intended to promote lymphatic drainage. This type of massage forces fluids toward your lymph nodes. The fluids are then treated and removed from your system.   You'll experience many depuffing and glow-enhancing results when you constantly give yourself this massage.   These are the following steps that you can follow when massaging your face with a jade roller:   - Begin with your clavicle using an up-and-down motion. - Then roll up and down over your neck. - Change to a back-and-forth roll that begins from the centre of your chin toward your       ear. Repeat this up to your cheekbone.  - Repeat the vertical roll on your forehead, beginning from the middle of your face and moving toward your temples. - Switch the roller over and use the smaller attachment under your eyes in a horizontal motion toward your temples.  - Roll once more down your nose with the small side, moving it in a horizontal motion.   Use Pearl Powder as a Face Mask Beyond jewellery, pearls are truly regarded in TCM as a wholesome ingredient. The powdered form of pearl can be applied in various ways and is supposed to promote clear, youthful-looking skin. You can prepare a mask at home for topical treatment by gradually incorporating water into the powder until a paste develops. Before rinsing it off, let it sit on your skin for 10 to 15 minutes.   Using Mung Beans Face Mask Traditional Chinese women enjoyed making their own face masks; their favourite ingredient was ground mung beans. Utilising mung bean masks helps keep the skin looking radiant and healthy.   Mung beans have vitamins and antioxidants, which help minimise blemishes, acne, and scars. Greek yoghurt combined with powdered mung beans purchased from a Chinese herbal store or pharmacy will make your skin radiant. After applying the thick mixture to your face, wait 10 minutes before washing it off with warm water.   Selecting the Right Tea to Drink The majority of Chinese beauty rituals centre on choosing the proper herbs to treat various skin issues. Herbs like Goji, Bei Qi, and Huang Qi are frequently used in traditional Chinese skincare regimens.   You can soak these herbs to prepare herbal tea in addition to using them topically to improve skin clarity, delay the ageing process, and refresh your skin. But, you must utilise herbal tea treatments properly based on skin condition and season to achieve great skin.   For instance, herbs like Goji and Ju Hua are the best option if you want to detox, boost your immune system, and get a clear and smooth complexion.   Take Charge Of Your Skin’s Health And Beauty Today!  Doux Visage is the first leading TCM health treatment in Malaysia to combine the power of Chinese Medicine with the goodness of Western beauty ingredients, Dr. Jenny Goh (PhD)'s speciality in treating skin issues is second to none! Call us at +603 7728 6113, +6012 622 4868 or contact us.

26 Oct 2022

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Facial Acupuncture As Anti Wrinkle Treatment: How And Why It Works

For thousands of years, acupuncture has been utilised in traditional Chinese medicine to treat various medical conditions. According to the belief, issues with an imbalance in the movement of life energy, also known as qi or chi, may be the root of rapid skin ageing.   This is why restoring the energy flow in the face may revitalise the skin, fight ageing signs, and enhance general skin health. Acupuncture, a part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system, can be a treatment option if you're looking for a holistic strategy to address wrinkles.    This is relevant if you consider how general health, lifestyle, and looks are interconnected. So let’s take a look at how facial acupuncture can be a part of your skincare treatment against fine lines and wrinkles.   What Is Facial Acupuncture? A popular type of acupuncture treatment in Malaysia that concentrates on the face, neck, and hairline is cosmetic acupuncture, also known as facial rejuvenation, or an acupuncture facelift.   Acupuncture of the face is divided into two categories:    - facial acupuncture  - cosmetic acupuncture    Facial acupuncture treats conditions that affect the muscles and tissues of the face. The symptoms of these conditions include:   - Jaw aches - Muscle stiffness - Stomach problems - Headache  - Allergies   Contrary to its name, cosmetic acupuncture is a treatment that aims to balance the body's qi energy while rejuvenating the skin's appearance and texture. This theory is based on the yin and yang energies, which the ancient Chinese believed might affect the body, mind, and skin if they were out of balance.   Another difference between the two methods is that facial acupuncture often solely entails placing needles into the facial region to treat pain and discomfort symptoms. However, in cosmetic acupuncture, the therapist may even place needles in other bodily locations to cause the desired reaction in a particular area of the face.   How Does Facial Acupuncture Work? There are two general types of face acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture and facial acupuncture. Cosmetic acupuncture is the one that specialises in enhancing the look and feel of the skin while facial acupuncture addresses other facial conditions relating to the muscles and tissues.    However, in some other contexts, facial acupuncture may be viewed as a single, inclusive, broad category that encompasses both types of characteristics.   - Facial acupuncture: To relieve pain or discomfort, needles are slowly introduced into the different muscle sites within the face and surrounding regions. This pain could be an indication of an illness that a person has. Hence, facial acupuncture is being used as an alternative treatment in this aspect. This is typically done in conjunction with other therapies if the problem is severe. - Cosmetic acupuncture: To activate the body's natural healing processes, needles are inserted into the face and possibly other locations as well, including the head and neck. Wrinkles and fine lines may become less noticeable after these treatments, giving the skin a healthier, brighter appearance. The objective here is to make the skin appear younger and more vibrant.   During facial acupuncture or micro-needling, tiny wounds are made in the skin by puncturing it with fine needles. This process will activate the body's natural tissue regeneration by boosting the lymphatic and blood flow, which improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the wounded area.    Additionally, microtrauma from facial acupuncture encourages the production of collagen and elastin-producing fibroblast cells and substances that reduce swelling. Collagen improves the skin's elasticity, firmness, and moisture.    As people age, their elastic components deteriorate, resulting in the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Elastin restoration improves the skin's texture, appearance, elasticity, and capacity for wound healing.   How To Prepare For The Treatment? Get ready for your acupuncturist to discuss your health and lifestyle as a whole since acupuncture treats the body holistically. If this is your first time seeing an acupuncturist, you should prepare to do a preliminary assessment with them. You will also discuss topics other than facial lines with your physician, such as your diet, stress, hydration and more.    A clean face with no makeup or product on is required for your appointment. For at least five weeks before your facial acupuncture treatment, avoid getting Botox, fillers, or any other injectables because facial acupuncture can affect the effectiveness of your Botox.    What Are The Side Effects? When done by a trained expert, acupuncture is typically safe. This is why individuals must consult a licensed acupuncturist. Acupuncture is thought to have minimal side effects. Some of the common side effects of facial acupuncture include: - Soreness - Bruising - Bleeding - Itching - Dry skin peeling - Swelling   Bruising and bleeding are especially common for individuals who take blood thinning medications. However, these side effects will usually subside after a few days.    Facial Acupuncture Benefits on Wrinkles According to research, the benefits of facial acupuncture for wrinkles include improving the following conditions:   - age-related wrinkle length - skin laxity - muscle thickness - pigmentary changes - lighten melasma Rejuvenate Your Skin Today With Facial Acupuncture! Doux Visage is the first leading TCM health treatment in Malaysia to combine the power of Chinese Medicine with the goodness of Western beauty ingredients, Dr. Jenny Goh (PhD)'s speciality in treating skin issues is second to none! Call us at +603 7728 6113, +6012 622 4868 or contact us.

24 Oct 2022

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Our body goes through many changes as we age, some of which may be rather unnerving. Whether you feel your immune system has been failing you and you fall ill easily or if you just would like to feel more wholesome and happy for overall wellbeing, make an appointment today for a consultation with Dr. Jenny Goh and have a chat to find out how Doux Visage® can help you take the first step towards changing for a better you.

Most of us have been on a diet or two throughout our lives. At some point, our metabolism will start to slow down as we age and/if our work and lifestyle are sedentary. When our hormones start changing or when we undergo mental stress due to internal and/or external factors, we will gain weight, get tired and feel sluggish and lethargic easily all the time.

With a combination of Eastern and Western treatments and medical theories while implementing a proper and healthy lifestyle and working together with Dr. Jenny Goh and her team, you will be able to see and feel changes and improvement immediately.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. We believe that to be beautiful on the outside, it starts with what's happening on the inside. Hence, all our treatments work on not just the outer skin layer but are also designed to penetrate deeper to restore and sustain healthy cells as well as address and eliminate underlying issues for long-lasting effects.


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