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Doux Visage® is highly acclaimed in the health and beauty industry. These are the awards Doux Visage® has received up to date.

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Awards 2020

CHT Pursuit of Excellence Traditional Chinese Medicine & Medical Aesthetic Award 2020

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The Star Outstanding Business Award (SOBA) for Meritorious Achievement Female Entrepreneur of the year (2019)

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Experience the Health & Skin Treatments of Doux Visage®

“Total body wellness through the merging of TCM with Western technologies”

Founded in 2002, Doux Visage® is the first Health and Skin Management centre in Malaysia to provide customised holistic treatments using a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western practices.

The unique therapeutic approach to achieving Health and Skin Management through rejuvenation is the result of founder Dr Jenny Goh’s decade-long study into how TCM principles – built on 5,000 years of practices and experiences – complement and support Western practices.

After diagnosis, patients will receive a personalised treatment plan according to their individual needs. They are then treated by a team of highly skilled and certified acupuncturists, tuina practitioners and aestheticians.

Contact us now to experience the benefits of this unique approach yourself!

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Our Health and Organic Skin Treatments Malaysia

Doux Visage offers a wide range of Health and Skin management services customized for you. We believe that improving your internal health leads to good health which will also then seen in beautiful, smooth and glowing skin.

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Skin Management
Importance And Benefits Of Having Good Skincare

You may have heard the expression “preventing skin problems is easier and less costly than trying to fix them in the future,” and this is true!   To put it simply, having a good skincare routine helps your skin stay in good condition!An effective routine can help prevent acne, treat wrinkles and help your skin be the best and healthiest version it can be. In this article, we'll explore the importance of taking good care of your skin, good skincare benefits as well as the best skincare treatments you need for a good skincare routine!     What are the benefits of a good skincare routine?   It removes harmful elements from the surface of your skin Your skin is in place to keep harmful elements out of your body, including bacteria and viruses!It also helps you maintain your body temperature. By taking care of your skin, you can ensure that it’s in good shape to take care of you.   It protects you from the sun Your skin does an amazing job of making sure harmful weather elements don’t find their way into your body, but finding ways to boost its efficiency brings you to a whole new level.   After taking the time to bathe and remove dirt, grime and germs from the surface of your skin, applying lotion can add another level of protection. Wearing sunscreen every time you go out also ensures that your skin is working at maximum capacity to keep you healthy.   It lets you feel good and look good at the same time So, why should we take care of our skin? It’s because it a vital part of keeping us healthy.Besides keeping harmful elements out of our body, healthy skin is a sign of self-love and vitality. When your skin looks good, you look and feel good as well! If you allow dirt, grime and bacteria to sit on your skin, this could lead to breakouts and other skin conditions. Not only are these potentially embarrassing for you, but they are also uncomfortable.Adding a skin care routine to your day will reduce your chances of breakouts and ensure you look and feel your very best.     What are the important skincare products you need to have? Let's jump into what a good and effective skincare routine and products should look like!  Most routines depending on your skin type should have these components: Cleanser With cleansers, you should wash your face gently with warm water, and a product designed for your face.   If you have dry skin, you’ll want to choose a cleanser that doesn’t have alcohol, and is gentle.   If you have oily skin, you'll want to look for an oil-free cleanser. Afterwards, rinse with cool water, to close the pores. Toner Toners are used after washing your face to help smooth and calm skin while restoring nutrients. Serums Vitamin C is great but should only be used in the AM, while retinol should only be used at night. Hyaluronic acid is another great serum to help hydrate the skin, and can be used both day and night. Moisturizer To finish off your routine for morning and evening you should moisturize. Moisturizer day cream should be used every time you wash your face, even if you have oily skin. If you have this type of skin, choose an oil-free or gel product.   For more sensitive skin, you might want to try a water-based moisturizer.   Exfoliator Exfoliating is great for all skin types and is important for keeping skin glowing and fresh. It helps remove the dead skin cells.   How often you exfoliate is going to be determined by your skin type. For example, dry skin you may exfoliate once a week, or even once every other week.   More oily skin types will want to exfoliate a few times a week. For best results, exfoliate after you cleanse and then follow with your anti-aging serum and moisturizer day cream to lock in all the products and hydration!   SPF sunscreen You should always use sunscreen on your face. Even if it’s a cloudy day and you're staying inside, wearing sunscreen is a must.   You're protecting your skin from UV light, radicals, aging, and sun spots.   Choose one that provides broad-spectrum protection and has an SPF of at least 30.   Interested in quality skincare products? Call Doux Visage! We encourage you to schedule a consultation at Doux Visage today to learn all about good skincare benefits and good skincare importance!  Call us at +603 7728 6113, +6012 622 4868 or fill out our convenient online contact form at We look forward to meeting you! As the first leading TCM treatment centre in Malaysia to combine the power of Chinese Medicine with the goodness of Western beauty ingredients, Dr. Jenny Goh (Ph.D)'s speciality in providing quality skincare products is second to none! Give us a try at

10 Jun 2022

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Skin Management
How Are Non-Surgical Face Slimming Treatments Done?

One of the most attractive and youthful features of a person's face is a well-defined jawline!While a strong square jawline and chin are desired in males, an attractive feminine face usually consists of a smooth, softer and rounder jawline and chin!   That's why a V-shaped face is regarded as beautiful as well as being a sign of youth!In this article, let's discover more about how non-surgical face slimming treatments are done and where you can find non-surgical face slimming treatments in Malaysia!     Why do we need facial slimming as we age?   As we age, the soft tissues of our face lose their elasticity, tone and volume. For example, the fat pads on the face that gave the appearance of fullness in youth starts to descend.This is the main cause of sagginess in the neck and chin! These changes that occur with aging lead to formation of what is termed saggy jowls, saggy neck, saggy skin and poor definition of jawline!Some of the most prominent features of aging skin include:   - Flattened cheeks - Skin that shows signs of drooping- Poor or worsening jawline definition Hence, this “V” shape of the triangle of youth gives way to an inverted “V” of the pyramid of age.The base of this pyramid is supported is now defined by a poor jawline definition and saggy jowls!   What are the types of non-surgical facial slimming treatments available out there?There are 2 main types of energy-based devices used for jaw and chin non-surgical face slimming treatments. They are:   High Energy Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) facial slimming    HIFU uses ultrasound to penetrate deep below the skin surface for skin tightening and lifting in a very precise manner without causing damage to the skin.   Sagging skin along the jaw and jowls are lifted for a sharper and more defined jawline and V-shaped face.By reaching layers deep under the skin, the collagen fibres are stimulated and tightened, causing a lifting and tightening effect.Facial fats can also be melted away, causing further enhancement of lifting and jowl reduction!   HIFU also has the ability to target different depths (1.5, 3.0 and 4.5mm) to tailor the treatment for different needs.For example, at 1.5mm, the dermis is targeted, which eliminates fine lines. At 3.0mm, the deeper dermis and connective tissue is treated for tightening and lifting.At 4.5mm, the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) layer that is attached to facial muscles is treated. This is the layer that is commonly treated during a surgical facelift!How does HIFU work?   After cleansing the face, numbing cream is applied for 20 minutes to reduce discomfort during the treatment.Next, an ultrasound gel is applied to improve contact and transmission between the HIFU handpiece and the skin.The HIFU device tip is then applied to the skin to target the various layers of the skin.   HIFU is safe for all skin types and some patients may see an immediate result!However, the best results will appear in 6 - 8 weeks after a HIFU treatment session and will continue to improve 6 months after treatment. Results last for approximately 1 year.Here are some fast facts about HIFU:    US FDA approved for tightening and lifting  Suitable for all skin types  No injections needed  Natural-looking results  Instant effect felt with long-term improvements   Radiofrequency facial slimming     An example of a radiofrequency based device is Thermage, which is used to tighten skin along the chin and jawline to create a slimmer and sharper jaw and chin.It utilises radiofrequency waves to target the dermis to remodel collagen and stimulate collagen production.   This causes skin tightening and lifting of the jowls and better definition of the chin and jawline.Thermage also has the additional benefit of smoothening skin to reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles!   Some of the pros of radiofrequency treatments include:   - Natural looking results - Gradual improvement - No injections   Interested in non-surgical face slimming treatments in Malaysia? Call Doux Visage! We encourage you to schedule a consultation at Doux Visage today for a facial slimming treatment in Malaysia!  Call us at +603 7728 6113, +6012 622 4868 or fill out our convenient online contact form at We look forward to meeting you! As the first leading TCM treatment centre in Malaysia to combine the power of Chinese Medicine with the goodness of Western beauty ingredients, Dr. Jenny Goh (Ph.D)'s speciality non-surgical facial slimming treatments are second to none! Give us a try at

08 Jun 2022

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What Are Body Slimming Treatments And How Do They Work?

We’re all looking for the  magic pill, potion or treatment that will make us lose unwanted fat, inches, and cellulite.Here's the good news — there are plenty of body slimming treatments out there that can help you with that!   Today, non-surgical fat reduction treatments can selectively break down fat cells in specific areas to reduce the size of subcutaneous fat pockets (fat deposits that sit beneath the skin, but above the muscle)!   In this article, let's discover what are body slimming treatments in Malaysia, how body slimming works and the types of body slimming treatments you can find in Malaysia!Are body slimming treatments suitable for me?   For most people near their ideal body weight or those who do not need significant weight loss, body slimming treatments can be a great option to reduce isolated pockets of diet and exercise resistant fat without surgery, and with little to no downtime!However, it is important to have realistic expectations about what results they can achieve.Some of the limitations of body slimming treatments include:   - Cannot choose exactly how much fat is lost, only estimate a percentage - Multiple treatments may be needed to achieve desired results - May not be suitable for patients with significant amounts of fat to lose   What are the common benefits of non-surgical body slimming treatment?   - Little to no downtime is required - No general anaesthesia, incisions or scars - Side effects are minimal for most - Gradual onset of results allows you to be discreet about treatments - Results can last as long as you maintain your weight     What are the types of body slimming treatments available out there?   Non-surgical body contouring includes much more than fat reduction. Today, you have options including to smoothen cellulite or to tighten skin!   Laser body slimming treatments Laser fat reduction works by dismantling subcutaneous fat using controlled heat.   A specific laser wavelength is delivered through the skin, heating fatty tissues to the point where fat cells begin to break down.   Don't worry — a constant cooling mechanism ensures that skin is not damaged in the process!   Ultrasound body slimming treatments Ultrasound body slimming uses highly focused sonic waves to break down fat cell walls in the treatment area, thereby releasing the fat inside to be metabolized by the body and reducing the size of a fat deposit.   The ultrasound energy transmits through the skin, creating rapid pressure changes that cause the fat cells to break down while leaving surrounding tissues unharmed.   Here are some facts about ultrasound body slimming treatments: - Treatments are intended for use on the abdomen and flanks - Non-invasive and no downtime is needed - Requires 1 to 3 treatments spaced 2 weeks apart, depending on the treatment - Results appear gradually and are typically final within 6 to 12 weeks - Destroyed fat cells do not grow back; results can last with weight maintenance   Red Light body slimming treatment   One of the newest technologies created for non-surgical fat reduction, red light therapy uses red light to reduce the volume of subcutaneous fat cells. Instead of removing or destroying fat cells, photonic lypolysis, or “red light therapy,” delivers specific wavelengths of light through the skin using a specialized lamp. This light triggers selected fat cells to create small openings and release some of their contents, thus helping them shrink in size.   Red light therapy is intended to treat the abdomen, hips, or thighs! Here are some things you need to know:   - Treatment is non-invasive and no downtime is needed - Treatments take about 30 minutes to perform - Results begin to appear within a few hours after treatment and continue to improve as the body metabolizes the fat - Fat released by treatment is naturally eliminated as waste - Results can last as long as a patient maintains a healthy lifestyle and stable weight   Interested in body slimming treatments? Call Doux Visage! We encourage you to schedule a consultation at Doux Visage today for body slimming treatments in Malaysia!  Call us at +603 7728 6113, +6012 622 4868 or fill out our convenient online contact form at We look forward to meeting you! As the first leading TCM treatment centre in Malaysia to combine the power of Chinese Medicine with the goodness of Western beauty ingredients, Dr. Jenny Goh (Ph.D)'s speciality in body slimming is second to none! Give us a try at

06 Jun 2022

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Our body goes through many changes as we age, some of which may be rather unnerving. Whether you feel your immune system has been failing you and you fall ill easily or if you just would like to feel more wholesome and happy for overall wellbeing, make an appointment today for a consultation with Dr. Jenny Goh and have a chat to find out how Doux Visage® can help you take the first step towards changing for a better you.

Most of us have been on a diet or two throughout our lives. At some point, our metabolism will start to slow down as we age and/if our work and lifestyle are sedentary. When our hormones start changing or when we undergo mental stress due to internal and/or external factors, we will gain weight, get tired and feel sluggish and lethargic easily all the time.

With a combination of Eastern and Western treatments and medical theories while implementing a proper and healthy lifestyle and working together with Dr. Jenny Goh and her team, you will be able to see and feel changes and improvement immediately.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. We believe that to be beautiful on the outside, it starts with what's happening on the inside. Hence, all our treatments work on not just the outer skin layer but are also designed to penetrate deeper to restore and sustain healthy cells as well as address and eliminate underlying issues for long-lasting effects.


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