Experience Optimal Health and Fertility with Exceptional TCM Health Management With Western Technologies in Malaysia

The first Health and Skin Management centre in Malaysia to provide customised holistic treatments by utilising the best from a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western practices.

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Doux Visage's subsidiaries offer a wide range of Health and Skin management services that are tailored to our patients's individual needs

The rejuvenation aspects of balance, harmony, and energy from TCM when combined with the clinically and scientifically concrete methods of Western technologies, provides a revolutionary approach towards total wellbeing.

Personalise Tailor-made Aesthetics Treatment through proprietary technology that is non-invasive, no harmful ingredients, promoting natural healing and rejuvenation.

Medical-grade skin care products that provide effective and long-term solution to a multitude of skin problems.

Why people choose us

Results Oriented

Endorsed by a strong track record in achieving results

Clinically Certified

Backed by years of extensive research and studies

Experienced Professionals

Decades of experience with clients from all over the world


Prioritises rejuvenation and natural healing

Quality and Customised Care

Tailor-made approach that is customised to patients' needs





Rejuvenate Your Skin Naturally with TCM: Hormonal Balance and Anti-Aging

In the ageless wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the key to vitality and youthful radiance often lies in the delicate balance of hormones. As the years advance and the natural rhythm of our bodies encounters various disruptions, seeking a holistic treatment for hormonal imbalance becomes imperative. In this article we will unveil the ancient secrets of TCM, spotlighting its profound insights into hormonal equilibrium and anti-aging. Join us on this transformative journey and discover how TCM can be your guiding star to a more vibrant, balanced, and youthful you. [...]

Pregnancy Care with Hormonal Treatment: TCM Approach

Pregnancy is one of life's most transformative experiences, replete with emotional highs and lows, physiological changes, and, yes, hormonal shifts. As expectant parents excitedly await their new arrival, hormonal balance becomes a critical player in ensuring a healthy and smooth pregnancy. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) provides a comprehensive lens through which we can understand and manage these hormonal complexities. This article will delve into TCM's invaluable insights into hormonal harmony during pregnancy and introduce potential treatment paths to consider. [...]

Hormonal Treatments for Infertility:TCM Approach

Fertility issues often involve a complicated interplay of hormonal factors, and the search for effective treatments can feel overwhelming. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers a refreshing alternative, presenting a holistic perspective that goes beyond conventional methods. Tackling not just female hormonal imbalance treatment, but also extending its scope to male hormonal imbalance treatment, TCM provides a holistic way to address the complexities of hormonal imbalances that affect fertility. Read on to discover how TCM could be the missing piece that you have been looking for. [...]