Testimonial for Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture | | | 20 Apr 2021

Mr. Philip Boon, Student, Age 17


·        Right jawbone swelling(ping pong size)

·        Crackling sensation

·        No loss of sensation on right jawbone

·        Nerve was underlined beneath the cyst

Western Doctor diagnose : Odontogenic Keratocyst

His mom then brought him to DOUX VISAGE and sought alternative treatment to support pre and post surgery of this rare and uncommon medical condition.

Mr. Philip underwent the treatment of Acupuncture and Adrenal Gland Treatment for one month pre surgery, the result was encouraging and the swelling was visibly seen to have reduced in size.

The surgery was successful and was concluded by the surgeon that the TCM treatments helped in the removal of Mr. Phillip’s cyst as the size and swelling was reduced and the facial nerves was not affected during the separation process.

·        TCM treatment helps reduces swelling

·        controls the cyst from growing & worsen

·        assisted in the cyst removal with nerve intact

This is a wonderful success story that proves that with the combination of eastern and western medical treatments, the patient is now able to recover fully and be fit and healthy once more.

Mr. Philip Boon,学生,17岁


  •     ·       右下颌骨肿(大约乒乓球大)
  •     ·       右下颌骨有作响的声音
  •     ·       右下颌骨无疼痛感觉
  •     ·       囊肿在面神经底下

  • 西医诊断:牙源性角化囊肿

他的母亲将他带到DOUX VISAGE,向Dr. Goh中医博士寻求其他治疗方法,来医治这种罕见的病历,以提高术前与术后的自愈能力。

DOUX VISAGE 针对他的症状,制定了针灸治疗以及肾上腺素疗法。疗效令人满意,Mr. Philip右下颌骨肿胀的状况得以改善,明显消肿。

手术过程非常顺利,外科医生也得出结论说中医治疗有助于切除Mr. Philip的下颌囊肿,并且在切除的过程中面部神经没有受到任何影响。

  •     ·       中医辅助治疗有助于消肿;
  •     ·       防止囊肿恶化变大;
  •     ·       有助于完整切除囊肿,并不影响面部神经系统。