Medical grade Womb Care Treatment

Acupuncture | | | 23 Apr 2021

“Thank you to Dr. Jenny Goh and the lovely ladies from DOUX VISAGE who has been with me throughout my journey with them.
The recommended Tailored Made Treatments from DOUX VISAGE(including the Medical grade Womb Care Treatment) not only helped me improve my overall health, losing my post pregnancy fats after my 1st born but have also blessed me with the arrival of my 2nd son after a long period of trial.
The rate of recovery after my 2nd delivery have also been faster and a lot easier compared to my 1st delivery
Thanks again ladies for your continuous support, care and advices throughout my journey with DOUX VISAGE.”

By Ms Lee Sze Wei

真诚感谢Dr. Goh博士,在这医疗的过程中对我细心的护理和照顾
DOUX VISAGE推荐量身定制的治疗方法,其中包括医疗级的暖宫护理,不仅帮助我改善整体健康,还消除了我在第一胎妊娠后的腹部脂肪堆积,恢复美丽容颜及健康。
再次感谢Dr. Goh吴博士与各位女医师们不断地提供支持,关心和建议,让我在DOUX VISAGE治疗的整个过程中感觉身心疗愈,恢复自信、健康美丽。

By: 李女士