How TCM Can Be Part Of Your Body Slimming Treatment

| | 24 Jul 2022

Losing weight can be even more challenging for some due to underlining health issues. Some health issues that cause losing weight to be difficult include inflammation and cellular damage, chronic stress and depression.


Plus, if you're taking the crash diet and extreme workout route to lose weight, these comes with health risks and can cause further damage to your body.

If you're looking for a way to lose weight healthily, there are various TCM health treatments in Malaysia that provide a non-invasive procedure that helps with weight loss. Let's look at how TCM can be part of your body slimming treatment.

Integrating TCM With Medical Aesthetics For More Effective Weight Loss   

Through medical aesthetics, non-invasive body treatment is provided, focusing on efficiently sculpting and reshaping the body line with little to no downtime. Besides fat reduction, there are various body treatments that can aid to minimise the appearance of cellulite safely, strengthen the core muscles, and lift sagging skin.

In contrast, TCM emphasises regaining the body's natural balance, enhancing metabolism to lose excess weight and fats which are seen as phlegm or dampness. The spleen is crucial for converting food into energy and eliminating extra bodily fluids. As such, in TCM, the dampness is thought to be a build-up of eating too much processed, oily, and sweet food, which harms the spleen's ability to remove waste.

In TCM, a weakened spleen cannot transfer and change waste meals and fluids. Consequently, these extra wastes will accumulate, turn into dampness, congeal into phlegm, and become "fat."

Besides that, TCM views obesity as a symptom of underlying health problems rather than seeing weight gain as a problem in and of itself. Blockages in the qi, the life force that flows through our bodies, can cause health problems. Our diet also helps maintain the balance of these two energies, which are made up of yin (cooling) and yang (hot) components in qi energy.  

3 Body Types in TCM That Are Linked To Weight Gain  

While working out and trying out the various diets to lose weight may work for certain people; however, not all factors related to weight gain can be solved with a simple workout or crash diet. As such, here are three main body types that make losing weight for certain people a challenge.

Spleen Weakness and Stomach Heat  

Heat build-up in the stomach is a result of excessive ingestion of fatty, spicy, and heavy foods or alcohol. While the heat speeds up digestion and makes you eat more, it also overburdens and impairs the spleen's ability to do its job. As a result, excessive metabolic waste becomes damp and phlegm, adding weight to your body.

When your spleen is weak, commonly accompanied symptoms will include:

- loss of appetite

- abdominal fullness, especially after meals

- loose stools

- breathlessness

- a pale yellow complexion

Stagnation of the Liver Qi  

When someone is experiencing emotional stress, the liver is unable to control the flow of qi (energy). Blood flow is impacted when this free passage of Qi is blocked. This slow Qi flow can obstruct organ meridians, blood flow, and damp clearance, all leading to weight gain. When it comes to weight control, it's also essential to learn how to handle your stress and let go of unnecessary emotion.

Some symptoms of liver qi stagnation include:

- mood swings

- frequent sighing

- chest fullness

- menstrual irregularities

- digestive imbalance

Kidney Yang Deficiency  

Every aspect of Yin and Yang stems from the kidney. Yang represents the warmth and energy that keeps the metabolism functioning. Fluids are not digested effectively, and fluid retention may happen when kidney Yang is inadequate. Weight loss is challenging because of the body's sluggish metabolism.

When a person has kidney Yang deficiency, these are some of the symptoms that they may experience:

- Sore joints and muscles

- Weakness in the lumbar area or knees

- Exhaustion

- Loose stools

- Extreme sensitivity to cold

Weight Loss with TCM Acupuncture 


A widespread misunderstanding is that acupuncture is used to "poke" fats out of the body. Acupuncture does not function as a spot reduction treatment; instead, it functions holistically. It reduces cravings, curbs appetite, and modifies hunger hormones across the course of your entire body. Treatments for weight loss at TCM treatment centre seeks to balance the bodily systems that can aid in improving metabolism by treating the many underlying patterns.


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