How Are Non-Surgical Face Slimming Treatments Done?

Skin Management | | 08 Jun 2022

One of the most attractive and youthful features of a person's face is a well-defined jawline!

While a strong square jawline and chin are desired in males, an attractive feminine face usually consists of a smooth, softer and rounder jawline and chin!


That's why a V-shaped face is regarded as beautiful as well as being a sign of youth!

In this article, let's discover more about how non-surgical face slimming treatments are done and where you can find non-surgical face slimming treatments in Malaysia!



Why do we need facial slimming as we age?


As we age, the soft tissues of our face lose their elasticity, tone and volume.

For example, the fat pads on the face that gave the appearance of fullness in youth starts to descend.

This is the main cause of sagginess in the neck and chin! These changes that occur with aging lead to formation of what is termed saggy jowls, saggy neck, saggy skin and poor definition of jawline!

Some of the most prominent features of aging skin include:


- Flattened cheeks

- Skin that shows signs of drooping
- Poor or worsening jawline definition

Hence, this “V” shape of the triangle of youth gives way to an inverted “V” of the pyramid of age.

The base of this pyramid is supported is now defined by a poor jawline definition and saggy jowls!


What are the types of non-surgical facial slimming treatments available out there?

There are 2 main types of energy-based devices used for jaw and chin non-surgical face slimming treatments. They are:


  • High Energy Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) facial slimming