Effective Ways To Remove Hyper Pigmentation

Skin Management | | 07 Feb 2022

Are you seeing dark spots or small patches of darkened skin on your face or even throughout your body? If you do, you may have hyperpigmentation.


That’s when patches of skin become darker than the area around them for a number of different reasons, including hormones, acne scarring, or sun exposure!


Hyperpigmentation is rarely harmful, but in rare cases, it can be a sign of other issues with your skin!


If you wish to get rid of hyper pigmentation, good news — skincare doctors can successfully treat hyperpigmentation with prescription medications and in-office procedures!


In this article, let's discover more about hyperpigmentation and where to find the best hyper pigmentation treatments in Malaysia!


What exactly is hyperpigmentation and why is it different from pigmentation?  


To understand hyperpigmentation, you need to understand melanin.


Melanin is a form of natural protection against the sun's ultraviolet rays.


Hyperpigmentation happens when your body processes too much melanin, usually in spots or patches of skin.


You may see normal hyperpigmentation on your body as freckles. In most cases, freckles are harmless as they come from a completely normal overproduction of melanin.


You may also see what are called age spots on your skin, which is another type of hyperpigmentation. They can also be called “liver spots,” but they have nothing at all to do with your liver.


These spots are small, dark splotches on the skin. Even though this type of hyperpigmentation is more common in older adults, young folks can get them too if they get a lot of sun.


Avoid age spots later in life by avoiding sun exposure and using sunscreen!