Benefits of Cupping Treatment in Malaysia

Traditional Chinese Medicine | | 17 Jan 2022

Cupping treatment in Malaysia is a therapeutic method that is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as a way to remove stagnation and stimulate the flow of Qi, a form of vital energy that circulates freely throughout the body. If a body's Qi is disrupted or disturbed, it can create stagnation (blockages) or imbalances in the body that will cause pain and diseases!


In fact, cupping is one of the oldest known treatment for multiple illness! Throughout history, various cupping techniques and styles have existed that resembles the geographic locations they were practiced in. They've also utilised a region’s local materials such as animal horns, bamboo, ceramic, glass and metal that have been found in Ancient Egyptian, Chinese, Unani, Korean, Tibetan, and Latin American cultures, all of which have served the purpose of supporting the body’s ability to heal itself!


What exactly is cupping therapy?

Cupping therapy in Malaysia is a therapeutic treatment that uses warming elements by placing cups, usually made of glass, on the skin. As the air within the cup is warmed, a vacuum is created. The cup is then applied to the skin, allowing the tissue on the surface of the skin to be drawn into the cup.


This increases the blood flow from the inner parts of the body to the skin surface, loosening up the fascia or connective tissue, and is believed to stimulate healing. It bears a similar philosophy to deep tissue massages that break-up scar tissue in order to reduce pain. That's why the cups are often placed on the back, neck, and shoulders or on the site of pain.


Depending upon the degree of suction created by the vacuum, cupping may cause some temporary bruising and soreness according to body's level of internal stagnation. According to TCM practitioners, this is actually a favourable outcome to see appear as it suggests that the treatment has successfully removed toxins and stagnation.


What does cupping therapy do?


In TCM, it is believed that the stagnation of Qi and blood causes pain, conditions and diseases. With cupping, the local circulation of Qi is reinstated as well as the blood in the area are treated to resolve swelling, pain, and tension. It's also believed that by drawing impurities to the surface, cupping helps remove toxins.


From a Western modern medical perspective, cupping helps in loosening up connective tissue or fascia. This stimulates blood flow to the surface of the skin, reinvigorating tissue relaxation. In fact, the inflammatory cytokines (chemical messengers) are significantly reduced, and the resulting cytokines that promote healing and relaxation are released into the area instead.


Is cupping therapy painful?


Cupping doesn’t hurt at all, but it often leaves temporary marks. In fact, the redness that occurs is called a ‘sha’ reaction that is similar to "Gua Sha".


What are the benefits of cupping therapy?

One of the most prominent benefits of cupping include local pain relief and immediate muscle relaxation. Cupping can bring great improvement to overall health by removing energy blockages and stagnation.

For elite athletes, cupping can indeed help increase the circulation and flow of blood to a particular region of the body and to help reduce pain. In fact, numerous athletes who participated in the 2016 Rio Olympics used cupping. This was easily seen by on the clear markings on Micheal Phelps!


What conditions does cupping therapy treat?


Cupping is also traditionally used to treat a few known lung disorders like

  1. Cough

  2. Bronchial congestion

  3. Flu

  4. Fevers

  5. Asthma

  6. Gastrointestinal problems

  7. Facial paralysis

  8. Specified pains throughout the body


Are there any risks to cupping therapy?


There are little known risks and side effects to cupping treatment in Malaysia, but moms-to-be shouldn’t get the therapy to avoid any risks with pregnancy.

Those who should avoid cupping include anyone who has:


  1. Bleeding disorders like hemophilia.

  2. Blood clotting issues including deep vein thrombosis or a history of strokes

  3. Skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis.

  4. Seizures (epilepsy)


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