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What could be better than that? When we can look gorgeous and help people at the same time. It's a total win-win situation! 变美的同时还能献上爱心,辅助社会对抗疫情,让你人美心更美! Dr. Goh Cosmeceutical Official Store: 1. Recovery Mask 2. Recovery Cream 3. HA Peptide Contact us for …

02 Jul 2021

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Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal imbalances occurs to both sexes, at any age. Usually accompanied by lack of energy, reduced libido, infertility, irregular menstrual cycles, mood swings and even growth impairments in children. Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) consider Hormonal Imbalance related to the liver, kidney, and spleen channels. By pinpointing the Qi on the pit…

28 May 2021

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Have you tried out TCM weight management treatment?

Have you tried out TCM weight management treatment? Come find out how TCM acupuncture treatment can help you manage your weight by:  ·       Increasing circulation of Qi & blood ·       Stimulates metabolism ·       Maximize the absorption of nutrie…

24 May 2021

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感觉口干,口苦,四肢酸痛,这些症状都代表你体内有湿气。在这影片里,Dr. Goh将会为您分享湿气到底从哪而来,又该如何预防体内湿气加重。如果您喜欢这影片,请多多分享和关注我们Doux Visage的page。 我们会分享更多的专业健康知识,让大家更了解自己的身体和健康方面的知识。Feeling mouth dry, bitter tasteHaving sore limb problemsThis means you are suffer from body's dampness.In this short video, Dr. Goh will share with you about how does body dampness arise from the body and how…

18 May 2021

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Dr Goh Skin Care
Dr. Goh Cosmeceutical

Sagging skin, dark spots, cellulite, How Can I Delay Aging Process? Dr. Goh Vitex cream could be the solution you are looking for love With 100% natural restorative formula, our herbal cream contains Chasteberry, Wild Yam and Fenugreek ·       Regulates body hormones ·      Restored vita…

12 May 2021

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