Skin Management
Best Natural Skin Care Treatment For Acne Skin Malaysia

Are you someone who is struggling with acne-prone skin? Skin conditions such as acne breakouts can affect a person significantly in terms of self-esteem or self-consciousness, but searching for effective treatments can also be frustrating.    Many experts agree that there is no way to prevent acne, brought on by erratic hormone levels …

27 Oct 2022

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Traditional Chinese Medicine
TCM Facials That Can Improve Your Skin's Health And Beauty

The foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) is the principle that every organ in the body is interconnected. The body is healthy when all of these organs are in harmony. This is the philosophy of Chi.   Chi must move freely throughout the body for one to be in good health. Your Chi must balance the yin (cooling) and yang (heating) e…

26 Oct 2022

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Facial Acupuncture As Anti Wrinkle Treatment: How And Why It Works

For thousands of years, acupuncture has been utilised in traditional Chinese medicine to treat various medical conditions. According to the belief, issues with an imbalance in the movement of life energy, also known as qi or chi, may be the root of rapid skin ageing.   This is why restoring the energy flow in the face may revitalise the ski…

24 Oct 2022

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Traditional Chinese Medicine
How TCM Remedial Massage Helps With Hormonal Imbalance, Healing, And More

The majority of us value the occasional massage for some relaxation and rejuvenation. That’s why we opt for a massage after dealing with plenty of stress from work and life in general. However, did you know that massage techniques were first created for remedial purposes?   According to historical records that date back to 2700 BCE, m…

21 Oct 2022

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Dr Goh Skin Care
Natural Skin Care Ingredients To Look For In Malaysian Products

The skin is the largest and most complicated human organ, requiring a variety of nutrients to function properly. Which is why we must be cautious about the items we use in our skincare routine. The ingredients in products, whether they are face cleansers or night serums, should be emphasised to determine whether or not they promote your skin's hea…

22 Aug 2022

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